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2011-2012 Budget2011-2012 Budget

Budget publications

All Budget publications are available in PDF format . Click here to download a free Adobe Reader.


Budget Speech (56 pages, 728 Kb)

2011-2012 Budget Plan (524 pages, 3.57 Mb)

  • Section A - The Government's Economic and Fiscal Policy Directions
  • Section B - The Québec Economy: Recent Developments and Outlook for 2011 and 2012
  • Section C - The Government’s Financial Framework
  • Section D - Debt, Financing and Debt Management
  • Section E - Budget Measures: Creating Wealth for the Future of All Quebecers
  • Section F - Financial Impact of the Measures of the 2011-2012 Budget
  • Section G - Report on the Application of the Balanced Budget Act
  • Section H - Report on the Application of the Act to Reduce the Debt and Establish the Generations Fund
  • Section I  - Additional Information – Historical Data
  • Section J  - Additional Information on the Fiscal Measures

The Budget at a Glance (12 pages, 902 Kb)

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Budget papers

A Fair and Balanced University Funding Plan
To Give Québec the Means to Fulfil Its Ambitions

(64 pages, 791 Kb)

A Stronger Retirement Income System
Meeting the Expectations of Quebecers of Every Generation

(44 pages, 729 Kb)

A Fair and Competitive Royalty System
For Responsible Shale Gas Production

(52 pages, 980 Kb)

Reference documents

Update on Federal Transfers (60 pages, 764 Kb)

  • Section A - Fiscal Federalism in Canada: for Fact-Based Discussions
  • Section B - Compensating Québec for Sales Tax Harmonization

Areas opened up due to their high development potential (Northern Plan)
(1 page, 1.52 Mb)

(6 pages, 100 Kb)

The budget publications are available at a cost of $30.95. They can be purchased at bookstores, such as:

- Québec: Librairie Renaud-Bray, 2700, boulevard Laurier, Place Laurier
- Montréal: Librairie Renaud-Bray, 150, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
  Les Publications gouvernementales, 1185, rue Université
- Gatineau: Librairie du Soleil, 425, boulevard Saint-Joseph, Village Place Cartier

They can also be ordered by phone from Les Publications du Québec, at 418 643-5150 or 1 800 463-2100, or over the Internet.

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Press Releases - 2011-2012 Budget

March 17, 2011

Press release No. 1

2011-2012 Budget: Looking to the Future: A Plan for Québec

Press release No. 2

2011-2012 Budget: A Plan for Public Finances

Press release No. 3

2011-2012 Budget: A Plan to Control Government Spending

Press release No. 4

2011-2012 Budget: A Plan to Develop Our Territory and Our Natural Resources

Press release No. 5

2011-2012 Budget: A Plan for Our Young People

Press release No. 6

2011-2012 Budget: A Fair and Balanced Plan for Funding Our Universities

Press release No. 7

2011-2012 Budget: A Plan to Secure Adequate Retirement Income and Capitalize on the Skills of Our Experienced Workers

Press release No. 8

2011-2012 Budget: A Plan to Position Québec in the New Global Economy

Press release No. 9

2011-2012 Budget: A Plan to Consolidate Our Solidarity Tools

Press release No. 10

2011-2012 Budget: A Plan to Celebrate Québec Culture

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Financial Profile Today

Prebudget consultations

  • Tournés vers l'avenir (32 pages, 1.22 Mb) (French only)
  • Visit the website for more information about the 2011-2012 prebudget consultations (French only)

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