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Budget 2011-20122011-2012 Budget

video transcription

Hello, and welcome.

If you are visiting us today, it is because you want to know more about the
2011-2012 Budget I have brought forward for Québec.

By exploring the site, you will discover our detailed budget plan, the Budget Speech and the additional documents with information on the rigorous course we have set for the years ahead.

The first stage of this course is to restore order to our public finances, which will then lead to a balanced budget in 2013-2014 and, finally, to a significant reduction in our debt load.

Last year, we undertook to shoulder 62% of the total effort required to return to balanced budgets. Our most recent figures indicate that we will keep this commitment.

Because we have been rigorous in managing our public finances and thanks to the good performance of Québec’s economy, the deficit for the year that is coming to a close will be 300 million dollars less than forecast. That confirms we are headed in the right direction and doing better than our neighbours!

In 18 months, we have created twice as many jobs as were lost during the recession. Our unemployment rate is comparable with the Canadian average and is lower than Ontario’s. The first time that has happened in fifty years… Quebecers are massively at work.

Now, let’s talk about the future.

First, we will stay the course. Our objective to balance the budget and ultimately reduce the burden of our public debt remains an absolute priority because of the demographic challenge we face and because we carry more debt than our neighbours.

But we want to proceed in a way that is responsible, gradual and leaves no one behind, and maintain the quality and scope of our programs and public services. I know this is important to you. Budgetary discipline is not an end in itself. Collectively, it is the only way to retain control of our choices.

Despite budgetary constraints, the measures announced in the 2011-2012 Budget expand the capacity of Quebecers to seize the opportunities, both here and elsewhere, offered by a changing world.

This budget deals with our natural resources, the Northern Plan, our universities, our schools, our pension plans, exports and entrepreneurship, childcare spaces and our solidarity.

We are looking to the future because Québec has everything it needs to succeed.

So, explore the documents available on the website and discover the essential components of our Plan for Québec!

Thank you.

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