1998-1999 Budget

Previous Budgets
Press Releases
Budget Speech (PDF: 208 K) PDF
Budget Plan (PDF: 567 K) PDF
Additional Information on the Budgetary Measures (PDF: 635 K) PDF
Reform of Government Accounting   (PDF: 139 K) PDF
Report of the Study Committee on Government Accounting (PDF: 104 K) PDF
Maintaining a Sound Tax System (PDF: 206 K) PDF
Personal Taxation and the Cost of Living (PDF: 332 K) PDF
An economic development strategy for job creation (PDF: 577 K) PDF
Increasing Private Investment (PDF: 286 K) PDF
Action Plan to Promote the Development of the Financial Sector (PDF: 363 K) PDF
Corporate Taxation Reform (PDF: 227 K) PDF
The Financial Profile Today (PDF: 33 K) PDF
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