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Municipal infrastructures and the environment

$350 million for a Québec-Municipalités infrastructure program

A new Québec-Municipalités infrastructure program will be established to allow for the carrying out of infrastructure work in the areas of:

  • drinking water supply;
  • wastewater collection and treatment;
  • local road networks.

It will also allow for the implementation of numerous projects with economic, urban or regional repercussions.

These investments are over and above the work valued at more than $1.9 billion that public and private partners have already committed to carrying out in the municipal sector, under the Canada-Québec Infrastructure Program and the Infrastructures-Québec program.

Environmental protection and sustainable development

With this new program of municipal infrastructures, the government can make a significant contribution to environmental protection and sustainable development in Québec. Most of the funds will be used to renovate and retrofit drinking water supply systems, and to upgrade wastewater treatment systems.

An interesting project will be implemented in the Capitale nationale region. The government will be going ahead with the first phase in the project to clean up the Saint-Charles river.

Moreover, $30 million will be made available to rural communities and small municipalities for the treatment of wastewater produced by businesses.

The government will also invest in the testing of new treatments for soil contaminated by heavy metals, in the treatment of manure and in the treatment and reuse of fish-farming wastewater.

In addition, $1.9 million will be allocated for the construction of a test bed for three wind turbines in the Gaspésie region, in order to adapt to weather conditions in Québec and the North American context.

The government intends to establish a Québec-wide program to develop a network of protected areas. To that end, it will enter into an equal partnership with nature conservation organizations and businesses, in this unprecedented conservation effort.


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