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2014-2015 Budget

2014-2015 Budget
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February 20, 2014.

I am very proud to present Québec’s 2014-2015 budget. This is the budget of a government taking action. A government that is acting resolutely to promote the prosperity, solidarity and identity of all Quebecers

A government that is acting to control spending and have all Quebecers benefit from well managed public finances. And it’s the budget of a government that is acting differently, by focusing on coherent initiatives that open the door to the future

And so I invite you to peruse the various documents of this budget.

Nicolas Marceau
Minister of Finance and the Economy

The budget of a government that is taking action
At a Glance

To ensure prosperity

Investment, a primary lever of job creation and prosperity, is a core concern of Québec’s government. Accordingly, the ambitious “Economic Policy – Putting Jobs First” continues to deploy its four strategies:

Since September 2012, government support for
$13.5 billion
of private investment

33 000 jobs created or consolidated

  • National Research and Innovation Policy;
  • Québec’s Industrial Policy;
  • External Trade Development Plan;
  • Transportation Electrification Strategy.

For high-performing businesses

We are fostering the development of
300 high-performing and promising businesses
(the “gazelles”) by offering them personalized support.

To remain masters and prosperous in our own house

Creation of a fund to accelerate the development of the residual forest biomass sector

Oil, mines, forests: all Quebecers must benefit from the environmentally-responsible development of our natural resources, bearing in mind the needs of future generations.

In addition, the government will take the necessary steps to encourage
head offices to remain in Québec and attract
new ones.

To strenghten solidarity

Chantier de l’économie sociale Trust: $2.5 million over 5 years to fund social economy projects

Investment of $270 million to build 3 250 social housing units, including 500 reserved for homeless persons, and a further $6 million for local services intended for them.

To restore fiscal balance in 2015-2016

Program spending growth is being held at 2%
in 2014-2015 and the following two years.

Our actions

  • Improve the quality and efficiency of public services:
    • implement patient-based funding in the health network;
    • continue to seek efforts from public bodies to manage their spending;
    • reassess the organizational efficiency and delivery methods of public services over five years.
  • Ensure the funding of public services:
    • gradually raise parents’ contribution to daycare services;
    • review the sharing of costs of university education for students from outside Québec.
  • Continue to fight corruption and tax evasion.

For more details, consult the publication Budget at a Glance This link will open a PDF document in a new window.