Disposable income
2019 to 2021

Estimate the financial assistance
to which you may be entitled

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Personal income tax 

Social assistance 

Family allowance 

Supplement for the purchase of school supplies 

Work premium 

Solidarity tax credit 

Tax credit for childcare expenses 

Shelter allowance program 

Refundable tax credit for medical expenses 

Senior assistance amount

Personal income tax 

Canada Child Benefit  Help Button: Canada Child Benefit. For 2020, the federal government has provided a supplement of $300 per child, in addition to the Canada child benefit for the month of May.

For 2021, families with a net income of less than $120 000 will receive $1 200 per child under the age of six. For families with an income of $120 000 or more, this amount will be $600.

GST credit  Help Button: GST credit. For 2020, the federal government has modified the parameters of the refundable GST tax credit by doubling the maximum annual amount. This additional amount was paid in April 2020 to all eligible taxpayers.

Canada Workers Benefit 

Old Age Security program  Help Button: Old Age Security program. For 2020, the federal government has paid a tax-free amount of $300 to Old Age Security beneficiaries. Beneficiaries of the Guaranteed Income Supplement were also entitled to an additional $200.

Refundable medical expense supplement 

Employment insurance 

Québec Parental Insurance Plan 

Québec Pension Plan 

Health Services Fund 

Québec Prescription Drug Insurance Plan 

Help button for the assumptions. Assumptions

Assumptions used for the disposable income calculator

  • The calculator proposes a flexible model adapted to the general situation of a number of typical households. The results are presented for illustration purpose only.
  • The calculator is static, in other words, the situation of the household, the age of the children and income do not change between the periods observed.
  • The calculator does not take into account all income, deductions and tax credits.
  • Households may report only work income or retirement income.
  • Income is limited to a maximum of $250 000 per spouse.

Assumptions respecting childcare expenses

  • Chilcare expenses entered cannot exceed $15 000 per child. Childcare expenses are considered at the regular rate if the non-subsidized childcare option is selected, or at the reduced-contribution rate if the subsidized childcare option is selected. There cannot be two types of childcare for the same child.
  • If reduced-contribution chilcare is selected, childcare expenses are used only for the calculation of the federal childcare expenses deduction.

Other assumptions

  • No individual is another individual’s dependant.
  • All households contribute to the Québec Prescription Drug Insurance Plan.
  • Expenses eligible for the refundable and non-refundable tax credits for medical expenses include only the annual premium under the Québec Prescription Drug Insurance Plan.
  • The parameters of the Canada Child Benefit are those in effect in July of the corresponding year.

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Updated March 25, 2021