Disposable income - 2019 to 2021

The government has implemented several measures to put money back into the pockets of Quebecers, in particular by increasing assistance for seniors and families.

  • Since 2018, people 70 years of age and over are eligible for the low-income seniors’ assistance amount.
  • Since January 2020, for each minor child, parents are entitled to a fixed family allowance amount, regardless of the child’s rank in the family.

For example, a more generous family allowance allows a couple with a working income of $40 000 and two children aged 3 and 5 to receive $5 094 in 2021, whereas this amount would have been $4 207 in 2019.

Between 2019 and 2021, this family’s disposable income rose from $53 644 to $58 430, an increase of $4 785.

It should be noted that the federal government has temporarily enhanced several support measures for 2020 exclusively. As a result, disposable income may be higher in that year than in 2021.

Use the calculator to find out how much money you could have available after tax, depending on your family situation.

Please note that in the detailed calculation, numbers preceded by a negative sign (−) correspond to amounts you should have paid in tax or for certain contributions.


The calculator enables you to estimate the assistance to which you may be entitled, based on certain assumptions intended to reflect the most common situations. The calculator is meant to provide only an estimate. The exact amounts will be determined by the responsible departments and bodies, on the basis of the specific characteristics of each measure and according to the particular situation of each household.

Updated March  25, 2021