Disposable income
2023 and 2024

Estimate the financial assistance
to which you may be entitled

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— Amount before the tax cut

— Tax cut

Social assistance 

Family allowance 

Supplement for the purchase of school supplies 

Work premium 

Solidarity tax credit

Tax credit for childcare expenses 

Shelter allowance program 

Refundable tax credit for medical expenses 

Senior assistance amount

Personal income tax 

Canada Child Benefit

GST credit Bouton information : Crédit pour la TPS. For 2023, the federal government announced in March 2023 a one-time grocery rebate paid through the GST credit. This rebate is equal to the one-time amount paid in 2022.

Canada Workers Benefit 

Old Age Security program 

Refundable medical expense supplement 

Employment insurance 

Québec Parental Insurance Plan 

Québec Pension Plan 

Health Services Fund 

Québec Prescription Drug Insurance Plan 

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Updated February 8, 2024