Québec’s economic and financial situation

On June 19, 2020, Finance Minister Eric Girard provided a snapshot of Québec’s economic and financial situation.

Decisive action by the government

Strengthening our health care system: $3.7 billion

  • Wage increase for health workers
  • Training of new patient-care attendants to work in CHSLDs
  • Procurement of protective equipment

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Supporting Quebecers: $1 billion

  • Assistance for affected workers
  • Reduction in the school tax rate
  • Support for tenants

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Mitigating the economic impact of the pandemic:
$2 billion

  • Accelerated infrastructure investments (schools, seniors’ homes, CHSLDs, hospitals, roads and public transit)
  • Support for businesses and municipalities
  • Support adapted to the cultural, tourism and agri-food sectors

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