Budget 2018-2019

Minister of Finance Carlos J. Leitão delivered Budget Speech 2018-2019 on March 27, 2018.

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Improving Quality of Life

Educational Success

$1.2 billion to:
  • Add 10 200 professional staff in schools
  • Roll out the digital plan in schools
  • Modernize infrastructure
  • Provide environments conducive to learning and success

Health Care

$3.6 billion to:
  • Improve access to home care
  • Enhance assistance for seniors
  • Improve health prevention
  • Add specialized nurse practitioners

Sustainable Mobility

$1.8 billion to:
  • Increase public transit services in Québec
  • Support regional air transportation
  • Support clean, high-performance land transportation
  • Carry out three major public transit projects

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A Message from the Minister of Finance

I am pleased to present our fifth budget. It is our fourth consecutive balanced budget, which underscores the responsible management of public finances.

This budget marks a historic turning point for Québec in many respects.

Renewed economic and fiscal health provides a solid foundation on which to build the future of Québec.

Québec has posted its strongest economic growth in nearly 20 years, and we are taking concrete action today to improve Quebecers’ quality of life.

The March 2018 Québec Economic Plan proposes concrete measures that will make a difference in families’ lives: quality services that are easier to access; quality time, through better support and improved travel and mobility; and a higher standard of living due to a stronger economy.

Thanks to the strength of the Generations Fund, the vitality of the economy and the sound management of public finances, we are also beginning to repay our debt. In so doing, we are creating more leeway to fund public services and further invest in our infrastructure.

With this plan, we are going to build a stronger, more united and fairer Québec.

Happy reading!

Carlos J. Leitão
Minister of Finance

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Minister of Finance Carlos Leitão