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2010-2011 Budget2010-2011 Budget

Budget publications

All Budget publications are available in PDF format . Click here to download a free Adobe Reader.


Budget Speech (48 pages, 671 Kb)

2010-2011 Budget Plan (408 pages, 1.87 Mb)

  • Section A - The Government's Economic and Fiscal Policy Directions
  • Section B - The Québec Economy: Recent Developments and Outlook for 2010 and 2011
  • Section C - The Government’s Financial Framework
  • Section D - Debt, Financing and Debt Management
  • Section E - Update on Federal Transfers
  • Section F - Report on the Application of the Balanced Budget Act
  • Section G - Report on the Application of the Act to Reduce the Debt and Establish the Generations Fund
  • Section H - Report on the Funding of Public Services
  • Section I - Additional Information – Historical Data

Additional Information on the Budgetary Measures (204 pages, 1.28 Mb)

  • Section A - Revenue Measures
  • Section B - Expenditure Measures
  • Section C - Financial Impact of the Measures in the 2010-2011 Budget

The Budget at a Glance (12 pages, 2.63 Mb)

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Budget papers

Choices for the Future
Economic and Budgetary Action Plan
(292 pages, 1.36 Mb)

For a More Efficient and Better Funded Health Care System (68 pages, 379Kb)

The budget publications are available at a cost of $28.95. They can be purchased at bookstores, such as:

- Québec: Librairie Renaud-Bray, 2700, boulevard Laurier, Place Laurier
- Montréal: Librairie Renaud-Bray, 150, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
  Les Publications gouvernementales, 1185, rue Université
- Gatineau: Librairie du Soleil, 425, boulevard Saint-Joseph, Village Place Cartier

They can also be ordered by phone from Les Publications du Québec, at 418 643-5150 or 1 800 463-2100, or over the Internet.

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Press Releases - 2010-2011 Budget

March 30, 2010

Press release No. 1

2010-2011 Budget: Choices for the Future

Press release No. 2

2010-2011 Budget: Stimulate Job Creation and Economic Recovery

Press release No. 3

2010-2011 Budget: A More Efficient and Better Funded Health-Care System

Press release No. 4

2010-2011 Budget: Staying the Course Towards a Balanced Budget in 2013-2014

Press release No. 5

2010-2011 Budget: Paying Down Our Debt: A Matter of Intergenerational Equity

Press release No. 6

2010-2011 Budget: Building the Québec of the Next 20 Years


2010-2011 Budget: Appendix - Table

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